fig. map

Snow play area

pic. Snow play area

The grass area becomes a huge snow play area!

Making snowmen, igloos, snowball fighting. Let's play with lots of snow!

Play equipment such as scoops or buckets are available at the front of the Warming House.

Sledge slope

pic. Sledge slope

This slope is quite wide and has a 150m rope lift.

It is used only for sledges and snow-rafting without worrying about skiers.

*Sledges and snow-rafts are available ( a fee is charged ).

Ski slope & Snowboard slope

pic. Ski slope

This slope has a gradient of between 10 and 21 degrees and has a 300m-rope lift.

The view from the top is great!

It is good for both beginners and intermediate level skiers. *Ski gear is not available for hire.

Slope for beginners

pic. Slope for beginners

This is a gentle slope for beginners.

It's good for novices to practice on.

Cross country course

pic. Cross country course

A 1-kilometer-course around the Grass Area is good for building up physical strength in winter time.

*Cross country gear is not available for hire.

Snow shoe course

pic. Snow shoe course

This new course is open from the Folly of Heaven-Earth-Human to the Observatory. Would you like to take a slow walk on the course covered by snow ?

Animal tracks might be found.

  • Snow shoes may only be worn the winter area and on the path between the Folly of Heaven-Earth-Human to the Observatory.
  • Skiers are not allowed to enter the area between the Folly Heaven-Earth-Human and the Observatory.
  • Snow shoes my be hired for free

Rope lift

pic. Rope lift

Rope lifts which lead to the top of the slope, are installed at the Ski slope and the Sledge slope.

You can sit on the sledge while you go up to the slope.

  • Rope service : Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays with enough snow
  • When groups request in advance, the service is available on weekdays.

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