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Fragrance Rose Garden


The Rose Garden has been created with the theme of "a fragrant three-dimensional vista rose hill - and is mainly composed of Climbers" and can be viewed as a three-dimensional fan shape. The garden was also planned, to enable the enjoyment of the comfortable fragrance of roses, and six kinds of roses which are mainly the rich all seasonal kind, were planted in blocks.

The Rose garden was opened on May 24,2003. This garden was transferred from the Hokuriku Seisakusho Company (located in Shimogejo, Nagaoka City) after having closed its original rose garden in June 2001. Nagaoka City Office received many requests from those who hoped for the continuation of the roses and the City Office worked for the creation of the garden in Echigo Hillside Park.

You can relax and enjoy the rich fragrance of the roses.

Produced in cooperation with the Niigata Rose Society, Shiseido Co., Ltd.

6 areas in the Rose Garden

The Echigo Hillside Park Rose Garden consists of 6 areas ; "Fragrance Area" which mainly displays modern roses, "Colour Area", "Rose Hall of Fame Area", "English Garden", "Area for Old Species: Old roses" which displays the genealogy of ancient cultivated rose breeds, "Area for Wild Japanese Roses" and "The International Fragrant Rose New Variety Contest Trial Ground".

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