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FLower Garden

pic. Flower Garden

The garden is divided into 3 areas in the Lily Park of Echigo Hillside Park. The Asian 10,100 blooms from 19 kinds are shown in these 3 groups; the Asian Hybrid which was crossbred in Asian habitats, the Oriental Hybrid which was crossbred in the original Japanese varieties and the LA Hybrid which was crossbred with the trumpet lily and Asian Hybrid.

7 kinds and 2,480 blooms can be seen in one of the 3 areas, which are crossbred in Niigata prefecture and are rare recently.

Enjoy spending time among large-bloomed lilies blooming dynamically in early summer.

3 areas in the lily park

fig. 3 areas in the lily park
Lilies crossbred in Niigata prefecture
pic. Sado-BijinSado-Bijin
pic. Beni-SugataBeni-Sugata
Yellow, orange coloured "Gorgeous" area
pic. HildeHilde
pic. BeatrixBeatrix
Pink, white coloured "imagining love" area
pic. SorbonneSorbonne
pic. NavonaNavona

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