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Rose Fragrance Genealogy

Since the first rose was found on the earth, it is thought that several kinds of wild rose were naturally cross-bred and cultivation of roses began some 2000 years ago.

As the natural crossing process and mutation of cultivated roses was repeated, the Old Rose was born. Although the Old Rose blooms for only one season, there are many other varieties, with rich fragrance as well as beautiful star forms. The introduction of repeat-flowering roses in the UK started in 18th century and those kinds spread all over Europe, America and Middle East. This also greatly assisted the gardening of roses.

The Modern Rose which became the standard, current gardening rose variety was produced in 1867. Gardening roses such as the Hybrid Tea Rose, Floribunda Rose, Miniature Rose and Climbing Rose appeared sometime afterwards.

The fragrance of the Hybrid Tea Rose which has the strongest and sweetest smell of all the Modern Roses is classified in six types shown in the chart below.

fig. Rose Genealogy

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