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Fundamental policy

To preserve and use the surrounding beautiful natural resources

We are trying to protect nature and natural resources like beautiful hills, various plant life and the four seasons here. We are always trying to provide a place where people can enjoy nature and relationships with each other.

Furthermore, we have used the surrounding snow to create an enjoyable snow world for which the Hokuriku area is widely known.

It is possible to undertake various types of activity

With luscious greenery and nature as a backdrop, we have built a place where you can enjoy recreational activities on a grand scale.

Furthermore, we have facilities that can cater for those patrons who wish to stay overnight and not only those on a day trip. It is a central park for the Hokuriku area.

The park can be used all year round

There are four distinct seasons in the Yuki Guni (snowy regions). We have built a park that can be enjoyed by anyone at anytime of the year. There are facilities in which you can escape from the cold and warm yourself during the cold winter weather.

Keeping old culture alive while making a new, modern day culture.

We have created a place where you can learn about culture and industry that was fostered by the nature, history and climate of the Hokuriku area.

Another feature of this park is the highly individual nature and culture of the Hokuriku area.

We promote cultural exchange with the community and contribute to the community.

Every year we are trying to increase the amount of input we get from the local community in order to promote Echigo Hillside National Government Park as a place where people can come and learn about and become aware of the way of life for people in the Hokuriku Area.

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