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About National Government Parks

Park Classifications

Park Structure Park National Structure Park Imperial Parks (The Imperial Palace, Shinjuku Imperial Gardens, Kyoto Imperial Gardens) Environment Agency Formation Law
National Government Parks City Park Law
Local Public Body Structure Park City Parks
Other Parks (Special designated area parks)
Local Park Nature parks (National parks, Quasi-national Parks, Metropolitan and Prefectural Government Nature Parks) Nature Park Law

Japanese National Government Parks

A National Government Park is a park or a green area of land that is run by the Japanese government. According to Article 2, Clause 1, Number 2 of the statute of city parks there are two types of parkS:

Park A - A park or a green area of land lying in an open space in more than one city or prefecture and is an urban planned facility.

Park B - A park or green area of land that is an urban planned facility decided in a Japanese Cabinet meeting. Other purposes of this type of park are as a National Memorial Park or as a Japanese Cultural Heritage Park.

map: National Government Parks of Japan
No. Names / Fundamental theme Location Plan area (ha) Enterprise start date Urban Plans Finalised Opening date Park area (ha) at opening Entrance fee
1 Musashi Hillside N.G.P.
Improve human nature through mother nature
Kumagaya- shi & Namekawa- machi, Hiki- gun, Saitama 304 1968- Mar. 12, 1968 July. 1974 304.0 Charges apply
2 Asuka Historical N.G.P.
A place to enjoy all things Japanese
Asuka- mura, Takaichi- gun, Nara 61 1971- July. 30, 1971 July. 1974 46.1 Free
3 Yodogawa Riverside N.G.P.
A meeting place for nature and mankind
Neyagaya- shi, Hirakata- shi, Osaka- shi, Osaka 962 1972- Sep. 20, 1976 Mar. 1977 225.7 Free
4 Umi- no Nakamichi Seaside N.G.P.
Greenery, Blue ocean, Shining sun
Gannosu, Higashi- ku, Fukuoka- shi, Fukuoka 539 1975- May. 17, 1975 Oct. 1981 230.2 Charges apply
5 Okinawa Commemorative N.G.P.
Sun, Flowers, Sea
Naha- shi & Motobu- cho, Kunigami- son, Okinawa 82 1975- Mar.21, 1976 Aug. 1976 74.1 Facility admission charges
6 Showa Kinen Park
Restoration of Greenery and Enhancement of Human Life
Tachikawa- shi & Akishima- shi, Tokyo 180 1978- Nov. 27, 1981 Oct. 1983 148.7 Charges apply
7 Takino Suzuran Hillside N.G.P.
In touch with nature
Sapporo- shi, Hokkaido 396 1978- Jan. 17, 1981 July 1983 186.4 Free
8 Hitachi Seaside N.G.P.
The ocean, sky, and greenery are your friends, what a pleasant healthy experience
Hitachinaka- shi, Ibaraki 350 1979- Apr. 14, 1983 Oct. 1991 116.0 Charges apply
9 Kiso Sansen Riverside N.G.P.
In search of contact with water
Inuyama- shi, Aichi, Kagamihara- shi, Gifu & Kuwana- shi, Mie, etc. 6,108 1980- Oct. 9, 1981 Oct. 1987 213.9 Free
10 Michinoku Lakewood N.G.P.
Improve human nature through being in touch with wonderful Mother Nature
Kawasaki- machi, Shibata- gun, Miyagi 647 1981- Dec. 14, 1982 Aug.1989 283.7 Charges apply
11 Bihoku Hillside N.G.P.
Make an area you can relax in that is surrounded by a forest lake
Shobara- shi, Hiroshima 340 1982- Jan. 31, 1985 Apr. 1995 179.8 Charges apply
12 Sanuki Mannou N.G.P.
Communicate with others, get in touch with nature and the universe
Mannno- cho, Nakatado- gun, Kagawa 350 1984- Aug. 29, 1986 Apr. 1998 111.4 Charges apply
13 Echigo Hillside N.G.P.
Learn from heaven, play on earth and meet people at Koshino-sato sanctuary
Nagaoka- shi, Niigata 399 1989- July. 1998 July. 1998 119.6 Charges apply
14 Alps- Azumino N.G.P.
We have created a space in which you can spend free time surrounded by nature and culture
Ohmachi- shi, Horigane- mura, Hotaka- machi (Minami- Azumi- gun), Matsukawa- mura (kita- Azumi- gun), Nagano 353 1990- Nov. 19, 1990 July. 2004 (30.0) Charges apply
15 Yoshinogari Historical N.G.P.
You can hear voices from the Yayoi period
Kanzaki- machi, Mitagawa- cho, Higashi- Sefuri- son (Kanzaki- gun), Saga 54 1992- Mar. 15, 1993 Apr. 2001 19.4 Charges apply
16 Akashi Kaikyo N.G.P.
Living with nature, mixing with others
Kobe- shi, Awaji- cho, Higashiura- cho (Tsuna- gun), Hyogo 330 1993- Dec. 20, 1994 Mar. 2002 36.3 Charges apply
17 The Tokyo Rinkai Disaster Prevention Park
Urban Regeneration Project(Basic wide-area disaster prevention bases)
Koto-ku,Tokyo 6.7 2002- Mar. 2010 July. 2010 6.7 Free

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